In 2023, Paisley Ann, an 11-year-old softball player, began creating homemade bracelets as a hobby to gift to her friends and family members. Her unique and stylish designs soon caught people's attention, leading to requests for custom-made bracelets.

Although Paisley loved softball and regularly attended lessons, the costly expenses forced her to pause her training. Being the innovative and self-driven child she is, Paisley decided to use her crafting skills to help support her passion for softball. She took the summer off to establish a small business with her mother, which would later become Creations By Paisley Ann.

After producing over 300 handmade bracelets, Paisley and Dana donated a significant portion to the McLeod's and MUSC Children's Hospitals, and local nursing homes. Paisley's entrepreneurial spirit caught the attention of The Boog & Wink, who recognized her as a talented and creative philanthropist.

As a result, The Boog & Wink proudly welcomes Creations By Paisley Ann as a vital part of our business.


To view Paisley's newest releases or to inquire about a custom order, please visit Creations By Paisley Ann's Facebook page by clicking "Visit" now.